For a better World

For a better World

I joined Mahir Center because my vision of the world is that it moved at two speeds : one for the industrialized world and one for the developing countries. My country, region and continent all lagged far behind, and I felt the need to change that. 

Before I began the program, I always thought that the issue I had with this state of things was inequality, but I realised that the real problem was unfairness. Now, I fully believe that instead of concentrating development efforts on breaching the gap between the haves and the have-nots, we should lean more toward helping the people that are unable to improve their situation because of unfair circumstances, such as background, race, sexuality, gender, and the list goes on. For me, a better world is a world where everyone is able, and is given the means to live a decent life. 

And this is exactly what I am working toward, here in Mahir Center. 

Everyday I learn and think of how to help and nurture the youth of this country, while learning about myself and what I am all the while. 

Everyday I listen and discover hidden gems in the midst of this sea of misunderstood youth. 

Everyday I feel like we are helping Morocco get one step closer to benefiting from its looming demographic dividend, so that everyone gets a chance at a better outcome in life. Everyday I live life to the fullest, because every minute counts.

Meriem Benhamza

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